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Iconic Brand Color

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The story behind an iconic brand color




Great article about Pantone helping Tiffany’s with their iconic color.


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Escher Show at the Currier Museum of Art — Manchester, NH

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Excellent exhibit – do not miss this!

The Currier has put together an outstanding show of 180 prints of Escher – early prints & drawings, book and card illustration, and the famous perspective bending prints he made later in life.

Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce

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SvenGrafikI’m honored to be asked to join the Integrated Marketing Committee of the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce – a volunteer position to offer guidance in the Chamber marketing needs over the next few years. Shaping a stronger community.

NH Creative Club

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SvenGrafikFor creatives just moving into New Hampshire, and for natives as well, the New Hampshire Club offers community and inspiration for photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, advertisers and marketing pros, writers, pr people, web developers, digital media, animators, printers and brokers, social media posters, designers of all types…

New Design Trend: “Soft Nordic”

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Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 11.16.27 AM

The style is pure and clean, with rounded shapes, exclusive materials and a playful look. 
“We’re seeing new energy in interior decorating, most noticeably in northern Europe, where there is budding optimism. The ‘New Nordic’ style is asserting itself everywhere”, says Formex Event Manager Christina Olsson.

Upcoming Scandinavian Design Show in Stockholm this August.

Ultimate Scandinavian Design Home

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From the Design Milk Blog:

Blog Dedicated to Edward Tufte

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Edward Tufte is a self-descide “Data-Scientist” – but graphic designers know him as the designer-analyst of all things information. I took his course many years ago in Boston and thought the man was laying out my entire life – all the interests I’ve ever pursued and enjoyed. To be honest it was very revelatory to find that a professor at Yale would analyze good and bad information design – with surprising results and damaging evidence for when very public events went very wrong because decision were made looking at data that was organized and presented in a confusing visual manner. I will be posting in the future more about his research and writings.